B’rachot b’Kol Yom – Daily Blessings

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B’rachot b’Kol Yom – Daily Blessings Pocket Size by Torah Resources

This pocket size book contains traditional blessings that occur daily. With the same linear format as the Shabbat Siddur Tehillot HaMashiach, this pocket booklet is perfect to take anywhere. As a result, these common prayers are easy to memorize and hide in your heart. Because this booklet is compact, it is easy to keep in your pocket or purse.

Includes Prayers forAttaching a MezuzahBirkat HaMazon (blessing after meals) – Drinking Fruit of the Vine – Drinking Other Liquids – Eating Bread – Eating Foods made from Grain – Eating Fruit from a Tree – Eating Fruit/Vegetables the First Time in the Season – Eating Vegetables – Hearing Thunder – Immersion in a Mikvah – Morning Blessings – Putting on New Clothes – Receiving Good News – Receiving Tragic News – Seeing a Place where a Miracle Occurred – Seeing a Rainbow – Separating Challah – Smelling Spices, Herbs, or Flowers – Traveler’s Prayer