Touching His Hem

It's Time eArt Month 11/Sh'vat

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The Eleventh Month - In Scripture known as Shevat (Zachariah 1:7)

This artwork tells the story of:

  • The journey Yoseph and Miryam (Joseph and Mary) took to visit the temple in Jerusalem to present Yeshua, this was when Shimeon spoke the prophecy over Yeshua our Redeemer
  • The temple which now is represented by each one of us
  • The fruit of the pomegranate representing the fruit we bare through the Ruach HaKodesh at work in us
  • The name YHVH Shammah - YHVH is There - He is past, present and future

The copyright for this artwork remains the property of Touching His Hem and Elizabeth Robertson Campbell and may not be duplicated or sold.