Kadosh Linen

From the beginning of time.YHVH gave us 7 appointed and special times throughout each biblical calendar year and cycle.

These cycles bring us ever closer to Him and refine our character to become more and more like our Creator.

This linen series was put together to celebrate how far we have come in our own journey and to live in anticipation for our wedding feast with our Bridegroom.

This series is like a wedding trousseau set apart...

  • Exodus Tablecloth
  • Pesach table Runner
  • Unleavened bread breadcloth
  • First fruits napkins
  • Pentecost/Shavuot ketuba
  • Feast of Trumpets bunting flags
  • Yom Kippur Tallit
  • Sukkot Tablecloth

What a privilege and wonderful gift to us!

Please note: The first three items are ready for your Bridal trousseau and the next 5 items are in design and as we journey through on this road will soon be revealed and made available for purchase.