Lezelle Scholtz

"Grieving you, finding me" - Lezelle Scholtz

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"Grieving you, finding Me" is a moving story about the highs of love, the multifaceted complexities of life, and the harsh realities  that come with death. Lezelle allows us into the crevasses of her life as she details her journey with Derick into love. She provides a beautiful account of how his love shaped the life she once lived, and how his death broke the foundations of everything familiar. You will experience the raw emotion when her brokenness revealed the inward strength and courage, she never knew she had.

The words captured in these pages are the weapons Lezelle to confront the inconvenient and painful truths that came with the loss of her beloved Derick, and in doing so she gave herself liberty to love.

The lesson we can all learn from Lezelle's story, is the life after death might never be the same yet life will continue to present us with more moments to live. She started to live and found herself again.