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"It's Time" 5782/2022 Digital Calendar

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Experience the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars combined into one easy to follow and unique Biblical digital-calendar!

We have made our digital-calendar available for you to use on your phone, tablet of home computer, or to print out for yourself. The calendar resolution is set to a high resolution and can now be available to you with the click of a button, no shipping needed.

This is a 6 month calendar as we prepare Volume 4 pint version of the It's Time calendar starting with the 7th month.

  • Beginning with the Biblical new year the 1st month/ the month of Nisan 5782 /April 2022 and ending in the 6th Month/Elul 5782/2022.
  • With links to the Gregorian calendar for ease of use
  • Appointed times (Feasts)
  • Counting of the Omer
  • Parashat readings
  • Fasting days
  • Cape Town/South Africa lighting times
  • New Moons
  • Historical events based on Scripture

Please note that all digital media for download are copyright protected and we allow one copy per person to be printed and no distribution is allowed.Please only print for yourself.

There is no refund on any digital media purchased from Touching His Hem.