Touching His Hem

It's Time eArt Month 12/Adar

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The Twelfth Month - also known as Adar (Esther 3:7)

This artwork tells the story of:

  • Our choice as we stand at the crossroads. Father's olam (ancient ways) lead us to the gates of Kingdom - His ways lead us through the Torah - where hidden treasure can be found.
  • His olam is hidden and concealed and we have to search it out in the Torah, which is His treasure, hidden with the ark of the covenant - His Torah, Aharon's staff and the Holy Manna.
  • His ancient ways are written with the in Hebrew and each of these letters hold meaning and revelation into his incredible mysteries
  • The name El Olam - the Master of the World

The copyright for this artwork remains the property of Touching His Hem and Elizabeth Robertson Campbell and may not be duplicated or sold.