Touching His Hem

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The Eleventh Month - In Scripture known as Shevat (Zachariah 1:7)

This artwork tells the story of:

  • The journey Yoseph and Miryam (Joseph and Mary) took to visit the temple in Jerusalem to present Yeshua, this was when Shimeon spoke the prophecy over Yeshua our Redeemer
  • The temple which now is represented by each one of us
  • The fruit of the pomegranate representing the fruit we bare through the Ruach HaKodesh at work in us
  • The name YHVH Shammah - YHVH is There - He is past, present and future

A4 colour print on high quality board.

The copyright for this artwork remains the property of Touching His Hem and Elizabeth Robertson Campbell and may not be duplicated or sold.