Touching His Hem

It's Time Print Month 12

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The Twelfth Month - also known as Adar (Esther 3:7)

This artwork tells the story of:

  • Our choice as we stand at the crossroads. Father's olam (ancient ways) lead us to the gates of Kingdom - His ways lead us through the Torah - where hidden treasure can be found.
  • His olam is hidden and concealed and we have to search it out in the Torah, which is His treasure, hidden with the ark of the covenant - His Torah, Aharon's staff and the Holy Manna.
  • His ancient ways are written with the in Hebrew and each of these letters hold meaning and revelation into his incredible mysteries
  • The name El Olam - the Master of the World

A4 colour print on high quality board.

The copyright for this artwork remains the property of Touching His Hem and Elizabeth Robertson Campbell and may not be duplicated or sold.