Touching His Hem

It's Time Print Month 4

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The Fourth Month - also known as Tammuz but this is not based on Scripture, this month was named after the Jews captivity. Scripture does not name this month other than calling it the Fourth Month.

This artwork tells the story of:

  • Adam and Chava (Eve) in the Garden of Eden and how they received the first covering from Adonai after their sin
  • The covering of the blood shed for our sins by the Lamb of YHVH established since before the foundations of the world
  • The turning of the water into wine - the first miracle of Yeshua representing His covering over us
  • The name YHVH Nissi - YHVH our Miracle - our Banner

A4 colour print on high quality board.

The copyright for this artwork remains the property of Touching His Hem and Elizabeth Robertson Campbell and may not be duplicated or sold.