PRE-ORDER: Small Ready to Light Chanukah Menorah Set Pre-filled with Gel Oil - Colorful

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  • Lively colourful Chanukah light
  • Pre-packed - filled with gel
  • Gel melts slowly - fully Kosher
  • Suitable for small narrow Menorahs

You don't need an excuse this year to enjoy the Mikdash easy-to-use instant ready-to-light Chanukah lights. The work is done for you. In a secure package are 44 plastic cups with wicks filled with colorful gelled oil (90%) and paraffin (10%). Make your own color selection each night as you place the cups in your Menorah, light and watch gel melt in a gorgeous glow. The size makes this perfect for small narrow Menorahs.

Fully Kosher. Safe. So convenient. 

Made in Israel.

Olive oil
Diameter: 0.8"/2 cm