Ready to Light Pre filled Cups with Gel Olive Oil for Chanukah Menorah - Medium

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  • Simplify your Menorah preparations

  • With this ready-to-use oil and wicks

  • Suitable for medium sized menorahs


    This year enjoy the glow of your Chanukah Menorah without time consuming wick preparations. This kit brings you ready for use 44 small cups - enough for each night - each one pre-filled with with a wick and a gel of olive oil (90%) and paraffin (10%). As it melts, it will bring a beautiful glow to the Menorah.
    Fully certified Kosher, it is manufactured in Israel, in Sederot by a Shabbat observant company.
    Suitable for a medium sized Menorah.


    Olive Oil & Paraffin
    Cup Diameter: 1"/2.5 cm