From Liz's Desk - My "It's Time" journey written by Elizabeth Campbell

From Liz's Desk - My "It's Time" journey written by Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Robertson Campbell author of The Choice

The thought of creating a Hebraic calendar had ALWAYS been a secret dream of mine. But the whole process of doing the research, marketing and general hard work, shut me down completely and so it remained just a dream!

Until “the call” came to hear about an idea!

At that time I was SO focused getting ready to go to Israel to meet our Director and Script writer plus umpteen other projects on the go, that I was wondering why on earth had I even agreed to meet this young lady.   But the morning arrived for her to come and share …….

WELL!   Michelle Møller arrived….. cool, calm and collected with no other than MY dream in her heart also.  Humbly asking me if she could do EVERYTHING I did not want to do and leave me to do EVERYTHING I loved to do…….. and that was to PAINT!!!

It was a NO brainer as the tears rolled down my cheeks in delight of the prospects of finally having this dream realized. 

Our joint ideas bubbled out that whole morning as we caught each others vision and we both knew IT’S TIME for this project to be birthed no matter what.

From that moment on, everything flowed like a river, down to small but important details like finding a peaceful place for me to get creative.

As Michelle mentioned in her blog, Jamie and I are living like Gypsies since last August, with 90% of our belongings in storage, all ready to GO once the funding comes in for THE CHOICE book to be made into a movie.

So even though it seemed crazy to even consider partnering with Michelle at this extra-ordinary time in our lives, I just knew it was all part and parcel of the bigger picture and that God would make a way.

And boy He did because actually it’s His heart to prepare His people for His soon return.   How else are Jew and Gentile going to become united and ONE if we Christians don’t get it…. that it's going to be a BIG FAT JEWISH WEDDING at the end and we had better get with His program!

That is why this calendar to me is so important and such a ingenious idea God gave us, of only completing the paintings on the third year.  All to teach us His yearly, monthly, weekly rehearsals or cycles of life were we get given appointed times to repent and forgive and celebrate, drawing us close to Him and each other all the time.

Our title: IT’S TIME is perfect too because it truly is TIME we listen to what the Spirit is saying and obey Him in these end times.  It is going to be what sets us apart from the rest of the world and really rile the enemy.  So I hate to say, get ready for the war because this unity between Jew and Gentile is one of the last unions before he is thrown into the abyss.  No wonder the resistance as we all gain our long awaited victory over the arch enemy – OUR FLESH.  

This to me is the revival we are waiting for, where nothing will be able to stop us being His ETERNAL LIGHT as He reign in us, OUR HOPE AND GLORY.

I trust that the art work will inspire you and together with our commentary, equip and empower you daily.

IT’S TIME to dance to the rhythm of Heaven – Be hugely blessed. Liz

Photograph by Claudia DeNobrega

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  • Dinah Swan

    Thank you! I praise Father for giving us you, Elizabeth. Colleen Martin introduced me to “The Choice” and it explained many questions I had in my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May Yah bless you in every way you need it.

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