Touching His Hem

About Us

Touching His Hem was founded in 2019, with the first edition of the It’s Time Calendar.

Malachi 3:20 speaks of healing in His wings - the word for wings is canaph in Hebrew. This word can either mean wings or corner and when I was just starting out with Touching His Hem, I envisioned the corner of Yeshua's garment with His tzitzit attached and the anointed white and blue threads tightly wrapped around my hand. I felt a quickening in my Spirit, seeing the desire of our Father in Heaven for us to sit at His feet, touching His hem and receiving what He has for each one of us.

From this position, we are able to grow in intimacy with our Yeshua, the Word. Growing in intimacy with Him and falling in love with His ways is what leads us to truly being able to sh’ma and walking in the steps that He has ordered for us. My heart’s desire for this platform was to create, make and sources resources and tools for Believers who desire to meditate on the Father’s Word daily. My hope is for people to step onto YHVH’s  ancient Paths as in Jeremiah 6:16, choosing to walk in His ways and walking in unity with Israel and our Jewish brothers and sisters.

At Touching His Hem we believe that “all scripture is God-breathed and is valuable for teaching the truth, convicting of sin, correcting faults and in right living; thus anyone who belongs to God may be fully equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16 – 17 CJB

The products that are available on our online store, we trust, will enhance your searching of the Word, your understanding of who your Heavenly Father is and His Son, our glorious Messiah, Yeshua, to bring you into perfect step with His ancient ways and His Holy nation of Israel.

All our products are hand selected, with in-depth consideration of how these stories, teachings and resources align with Scripture and how they may bring increased revelation, encouragement and understanding to everyone.

Above all – no matter which resources you use, books you may read and teachings you study, we encourage you to TEST everything according to the Holy Scriptures.

We trust that you will be blessed as you seek after your Father’s will for your life through the gift of the Word.


Michelle Møller

Founder and CEO of Touching His Hem


Photograph credit @ClaudiaDeNobrega