From Paityn's Desk - My "It's Time" Journey

From Paityn's Desk - My "It's Time" Journey

When my mom first came up with the idea of creating a Hebraic calendar I will admit I as more than slightly confused, at the time, which I think was more than 3 years ago, I didn’t know that Hebraic and Jewish people used a different calendar from the usual ones. The idea was put on hold as she was already working very long hours. I missed my mother, I think my whole family missed her.

So, when we, well I, was told that she would be pursuing this dream and calling it Touching his Hem I couldn’t have been happier, slightly afraid and more than a little excited. I hadn’t seen her so invested and visibly nervous in the best way for a long time. My mother had our full support and I can never express just how grateful I am to have been a part of this process and to experience the joy that would cover up all the stress and fear of starting up a new company.

My job is a simple one. I handle the emails and the folding of tissue paper for our packages. I bring the orders, I clean up our packaging area and make sure my mom hasn’t forgotten to drink water but mostly I am here for unbiased opinions, continual support and a good cup of coffee.

The week before we launched the website was one of the most stressful weeks I had seen in our home in a long time. The first order came in the first 15 minutes of going live.

Our first packaging day was surreal. We spent the whole night and then some of the early morning hours taping boxes and wrapping calendars. I was so proud, and I still am. I don’t think I will ever stop being proud of my mother for starting her own company and making it work so quickly. The amount of hours she spent making sure everything moved smoothly and worked well is something for me to remember when I need to motivate myself.

In the blog Michelle, my mother if you haven’t noticed, introduced me as being a bit better than I view myself. I notice the things I could do better, whereas she sees the things I do well above all else. I am eternally grateful for having the parents I do, they offer me an amount of support and understanding that I don’t think I deserve but I am grateful for it anyway.

I have loved working on this project with everyone. No job is too small when you’re starting from the ground up. When we first started all I did was emails, and now I see what a small job can do, because of emails we have international orders, we have authors that want to work with us and use our platform. It’s really amazing what God can do for you when you have you heart in the right place and the right motivation.

Photograph: Claudia De Nobrega

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  • Janet Williams

    What a stunning picture of Mother and Daughter. Such a privilege to be able to share and do such a unique business venture together, and as a family!!
    Paityn I am delighted, amazed and so proud to be your Nana (Granny). No words to express my joy to be watching from the outside, and at the same time to included in the project of Touching His Hem!

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