"IT'S TIME"… To choose His ancient paths

"IT'S TIME"… To choose His ancient paths

To choose His ancient paths

The very first thing Adonai Elohim made Holy (Kodesh) was time (Genesis 2:3).  Our Abba Father created time for us to live within. Setting the sun, moon and stars in the heavens on the fourth day of Creation, so that we could keep count and mark His appointed times and seasons.  Like cycles every week, month and year to keep us, His people, in step with Him on His dance floor of life!

Just like the inner workings of a pocket watch, with its intricate set of cogs and springs enabling it to keep time, marking each second, minute and hour of our day, so, it is with His word, His Torah, when we obey and walk in His ways.

Jeremiah 6: 16 calls Israel and all those who are grafted in with these words: “Here is what Adonai says:  Stand at the crossroads and look:  Ask about the ancient paths, “Which one is the good way?” Take it and you will find REST for your souls.

From the beginning of creation Adonai tells us to keep His ways and that they will bring rest to our souls.  He created everything in six days and on the seventh He rested, establishing for us a blue print that if we also keep His Sabbaths, they will keep us. Why then would we not want to walk in these wonderful ways and remain united and in rhythm to the King of the Universe and His heartbeat?

The astounding thing is that when we chose to walk these paths with our Bridegroom, we His Bride begin to hear His voice and receive the revelation knowledge for our sanctification in preparation for the wedding feast of the lamb. These Eternal rhythms not only unite our hearts with His but most importantly with His Chosen people Israel. This is where His One New Man, comprised of Jew and Gentile, begin to dance in unity after 2000 years of separation. This oneness has been reserved for these end times and the final reconciliation that must take place before our King Messiah will return.  

No wonder there has been resistance and hatred towards these ways because our enemy knows that once Yeshua is discovered within them, that is would accelerate this oneness and then his days are numbered. Romans 16 v 25-27

As you choose to walk in these ways and sh’ma (listen and obey) the voice of your Bridegroom, you will begin to understand who your God truly is, what is happening in and around you.  In doing so you will begin to unlock the discovery of your true identity in His Kingdom and ultimately, finding rest for your souls.  A rest and a peace that money can’t buy and an attribute defining the sons and daughters of G_d in these end times as we shine brighter and brighter like the noon day sun as the darkness covers the earth.  

This is the heart and purpose of this calendar –  to equip the Bride for her Bridegroom in the challenging times ahead, having enough oil in her lamp while she awaits her Bridegroom. That she will be sanctified and prepared through these ways to enter into the wedding feast of the Lamb.   We trust this will also unlock much need revelation and awe of G_d in your hearts of His urgent call to repent and be reconciled with one another.  His weekly, monthly and yearly pathways of righteousness, we believe are Father’s formula for intimacy, unity and equipping the Bride for the return of our Messiah. He reaches out his hand to you will you choose this dance to the rhythm of His heartbeat?

It’s TIME …to choose His ancient paths.

A 3-year journey…

It may seem odd to you at first that each paintings of the "Its Time" calendar are incomplete but this has been done with intentionality and purpose. The calendar is cleverly planned to span over the next 3 years and each year Liz will add a little more to the paintings until year 3, when they will all be completed.

For us, this is the process of how we grow in Him, beginning with just one small step of obedience after another, like one small brush stroke of colour after the next.

At the beginning of this venture with Father, we have an inkling of what we were being called to, until creativity exploded within us, showing us God’s urgent desire for His brides’ sanctification and need to understand these Kingdom ways.  Therefore, we trust you will order all three calendars, one a year, that like these paintings, our lives become more vibrant and colourful with His image and not ours.

IT’S TIME - to come walk these ancient paths with us and discover how much He loves YOU!

We hope that you will walk this journey with us into the wholeness that only His Time can bring.



  • Michelle

    Thank you Denyese and Rosemarie – it is such a blessing to share this time with those who share our hearts.

  • Denyese Smit

    Learning experience for me
    Well done

  • Rosemarie Slogrove

    Mazel tov. Perfect timing. Be blessed indeed. Shalom

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