It's Time to Return to the Garden

It's Time to Return to the Garden

5thseason of the It’s Time calendar!

When we look at the number 5 in Scripture and align it with the Days of Creation, we begin to understand the journey we have been on, the preparation Father has done in our hearts and the place He is leading us to. A place Yeshua speaks of, being prepared for us as we work our salvation on earth (John 14:2-3), building heavenly treasures where moth and rust do not destroy. (Matthew 6:19-20)

The 5th Day of Creation was the day when the birds and fish were created. Birds and fish are instinctively designed to move with the change of the season in order to preserve their species. The birds and fish are a picture of the seed bearers, those who are called to go out into the nations with the seed of the Gospel, bringing Life to all who will hear and receive. (Mark 16:15) We are called to move within the appointed times and seasons, when we move within these rhythms of our Father’s design, we walk within YHVH’s covering of life! The number 5 also speaks of the 5th manifestation of the Ruach Hakodesh – the Spirit of Power/G’vura (Isaiah 11:1-2). We can only move with Abba’s strength when we are surrendered to His authority and the perfection of His Time. How wonderful for each of us to align our lives with His season of life and to be working out our salvation in this life for the ultimate restoration to our original dwelling place with Father – The Garden of Eden. 

Return to the Garden

Last year, we focused on the tabernacle design given to Moshe in the desert, a dwelling place for YHVH among the tribes of Israel. Each step of the tabernacle depicting a step of our own spiritual journey as we walk in greater obedience and intimacy with our Creator. Scripture speaks of Father’s plan to restore us to His Garden through His Son, Yeshua, who will return as Meshiach ben David, the King (Revelation 22:1-). As we flow with the currents of the seasons designed by our King, so we produce the oil that can only come through the refining fire of His love. This road was never a promise of ease, it was a promise of blessings, growth , crushing and bearing of fruit should we allow it! This year, the season of 5784, we have depicted our journey through the Garden of Eden, our original dwelling place and tabernacle with Adonai Elohim. This is His ultimate destination for each of us restoring us to His image in the midst of the Garden!

The calendar is a guide

As we walk these Ancient Paths of YHVH, we must remember that one day we will no longer have the need for the sun, moon and stars as Yeshua will be our Light as it was on the first day of Creation. (Revelation 22:5) I have felt mandated from the beginning to stand with Israel’s time keeping. Our brother Judah, has protected the Torah, the appointed seasons and the Shabbats for us all, and this is why I have continued to use the format of the Hillel calendar. I believe part of our journey on this road is not to turn our backs on them but rather to turn and embrace them, to value their sacrifice over the generations for the sake of the Torah and the commandments and to stand with them praying for both Judah and Ephraim to be restored in unity. Ultimately, we are all seeking after His face, desiring to be in step with Adonai Elohim as much as we are able to in the midst of the corruption of time and seasons by the Adversary. (Isaiah 14:12-14) What a joy when Yeshua returns to restore this to the Father!

I pray that this calendar will inspire your walk in His Appointed Times and Seasons that align us with His Loving Word and His ways. That it will bring you into greater alignment with His Ancient Paths and your return to His Garden. May you hear Him calling you!

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