Parashat Re'eh

Parashat Re'eh

Parashat Re’eh

This parsha is all about our spiritual sight. In our previous portions we were focused on hearing the Word – sh’ma-ing the Bread of Life. In modern life we put so much emphasis on sight and so much of our daily lives are stimulated with visual imagery that speak directly to the desires of our souls. We have become so visually stimulated in life that listening has become a secondary and often an unpractised skill.

In the physical realm light comes in through the eyes but it happens the other way around in the spirit, faith comes from hearing and words are powerful in the spiritual realm. This is how HaShem made the world. HaShem Elohim, however, calls us first to listen. Faith comes from hearing the Word [Romans 10:17]
The word re-eh is not just about seeing – it is about beholding - it to “Look!”, “View!”, “Realize!”, or “Observe!”, or even “Make it manifest!”, “Cause it to become visible!”

The sh’ma level of revelation is just the beginning. HaShem does not want us just to have ears to hear – He also wants us to have eyes to see.

When we recall the events at Mt. Sinai – the people of Israel did not only hear what HaShem was saying to them from the Sh’kinah cloud – they also saw them. They beheld their glory and their beauty. When a form of the word re’eh is used it does not just mean to “see” something – it is to see from HaShem’s perspective and so, this parsha is both a call to and an empowerment for the realm of spiritual insight.
Every one of the subjects discussed in this parsha will be about our ability to spiritually see, those who have been empowered by the Ruach HaKodesh to ‘see’ will be transformed by what they read. Genesis 1:4 tells us that HaShem ra’ah-ed [He beheld, saw, accurately perceived, and fully appreciated] this is the distinction between the light and darkness. What we read about now is Moshe giving us the choice to discern between right and wrong actions and walking in life or on the path that leads to death – the darkness and the light. What will we behold, perceive and ultimately choose?

This month we are entering into the month of Elul. This is a month of introspection and teshuva. This is the month were the King is in the field, awaiting His beloved to come and meet with Him where the protocols of Heaven have been put aside for everyone who desires to meet with the King.

Elul is the acronym for Ani l’dodi v’dodi li - I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine. The word Elul in the Hebraic letters has the value of 67. Another word that also has the value of 67 is the word binah - which means knowledge.

"Elul is a time to grow in wisdom, to reflect with understanding upon one's standing within the framework of God's mercy and justice. Spiritual reflection associated with the preceding month, Av, pictures God as having retreated within a concealed inner sanctum—a reflection, in fact, of human distancing and withdrawal from God. Elul becomes a time to make good, to reflect, to advance in wisdom (through understanding [binah]), and to begin setting things to rights—the beginning of the "teshuvah" process."

This is a month of distinction and discerning - seeing (re'eh) right from wrong. Making the choice to draw near to HaShem and walk in His ways or to - choosing to walk in HaShem's time or our own.

Our hearing will directly impact what we see and then what we hear and see will have an impact of what we do - what we choose.  It then becomes a critical area in terms of what we are listening to. We must use discernment in terms of what we listen to and receive as truth as this will directly influence what we see and the degree of spiritual sight we have.

Faith without works is dead and just as this is true so is re’eh without sh’ma - they are intrinsically linked to the other. When we see the word faith - emunah - we should be thinking sh’ma because faith comes from sh’maing. When we are listening our obedience and faith leads to increased vision into the spirit! When this is our path, we choose life and blessing! On the other hand, whenever you see the word works – think mitzvot. The mitvot are us walking out the Word in Messiah for everyone to see us living these out the practically. When we are walking out the Torah like this, we become visible reflections of the Word for the world to ‘see’ and behold.

Through this the Hebraic meaning of the phrase Messiah taught us to pray begins to take root in our hearts: “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”.

The revelation Abba gave to me when I first stepped into the fullness of His Torah was a dance. We choose to place our feet on His like a little child does with their Dad and we trust Him to lead us in perfect rhythm and grace with His heartbeat, His Word. Each mitzvot and direction gives life and wholeness to us if we sh’ma and ‘re’eh’ – in this response we will grow in reverence of our Adonai Elohim and as a natural progression of our actions we will begin to operate in the glory of His Ruach HaKodesh.

Be blessed as you study in deeper anticipation of His revelation to you. May you truly behold His plan for your life.

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