Sh'mini - Eighth

Sh'mini - Eighth

Sh’mini – Eighth

This was the 8th day of Aharon and his sons time of consecration in the newly built Tent of Meeting. There is so much significance in the number 8. We know that creation was completed on the 6th day and on the 7th day Elohim rested and this has been His instruction to all His people since the beginning - REST. Nothing has changed regarding this! It is a perpetual ordinance that we keep the Sabbath and when we keep the Sabbath we can walk into the 8th day – a day of new beginnings – a new start.

When we see the number 8 in Scripture it always reminds me of Sukkot. Sukkot is kept for 8 days and is a prophetic picture of the ingathering of the nations to become echad – one with the Father.

On this day there was a gathering before the Tent of Meeting where Moshe, Aharon and his sons would stand before Elohim, for the first time in their priestly robes; their first time anointed with oil; their first time sprinkled with the blood of atonement and their first time blessed by Moshe and the people. This was a new beginning.

For seven days Aharon and his sons sat in the Tent of Meeting. This was about their spiritual completion to be ready to serve the House of Israel and to be an integral part in the nation’s atonement journey. In a sense, their seven days inside the tent of Meeting, disconnected from the rest of the word could have been a type of “Sitting Shiva” which is what the Jewish people do when there has been a death in the family. Aharon and his sons had to die to their flesh in order to serve in the temple as priests and on the 8th day they were ready to step into their role in fullness.

It was in Aharon and Moshe’s humility and unity before HaShem that His fire came forth and consumed the offerings on the altar, this was a confirmation of Father’s acceptance of hat they had brought before Him.

I want you to take a journey all the way back to Cain and Abel. This was the first mention of an offering in scripture.

The time of this offering was during Sukkot – the first and the 8th day of Sukkot are Sabbaths. We see that Abel took the first born of his flock and offered this unto HaShem and his offering was seen and pleasing and was received into the heavenlies. Cain on the other hand took his time to gather his offering – scripture says over the course of time he brought his offering. This means for certain it was not Cain’s first fruits. Cain worshiped HaShem in his own way – in a way that suited him and there is an obvious lack of reverence for Father in his response. His delayed obedience was disobedience and his offering was not received. The spirit of Cain is a spirit of acquisition for self.

Fast forward to Leviticus chapter 10. The tribe of Israel had just witnessed the glory of HaShem appearing to them in fullness as Moshe, Aharon and his sons performed their commanded priestly duties. Why did Nadav and Avihu feel they could enter into the presence of Adonai and offer a fire of their own making? Was it a lack of reverence for the holy and set apart things of Adonai Elohim or was it a case of adjusting Father’s way to suit their own?

My heart is so heavy when I read these verses – these two men knew Adonai Elohim so well. They had sat in the tent of Meeting for 7 days, they had ascended up to the mountain and sat at His table – how could they have felt this bold and for that matter reckless?

I realise as I write this that no matter how closely we walk to Father, we are all at risk of slipping. If we do not take cognisance of the strength of our flesh and the weightiness of what it means to revere our Father by walking intentionally in His ways, we could easily bring a foreign fire into His presence.

I do believe we have been given an overflow of grace in our walk with Adonai – I humbly recognise my fleshly moments before YHVH and I can only praise Him for sending Yeshua to cover this sin – through His sacrifice we are given garments of righteousness that we do not deserve and the consequence of our immaturity in Him that we often do deserve has been washed away with His blood.

My prayer for us all as we walk into the 3rd week of the counting of the Omer, is that we seek a new beginning. That we seek to live this life for the 8th day – a time to come where we will rule and reign with Him and not for the temporary pleasures of this world.

May we make a decision in these next weeks of the counting – to choose His ways above our own, to die to this flesh that seeks to rule us and to humble ourselves before His throne in true reverence for who He is – the KING OF KINGS, EL ELYON – YHVH MOST HIGH.

May we reflect YHVH’s glory and bring Him the honour that He deserves – may our offerings of praise be our first fruits and may they be received into His presence with delight.

Baruch HaShem,



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