The 5 Korbonot - Part 1 The Olah Offering

The 5 Korbonot - Part 1 The Olah Offering

The Olah Korban - the burnt offering

This is the first offering spoken of in Leviticus.
The word olah in Hebrew means a step or stairs ascending; go up to. So, it is about what is brought up to Adonai.

The Hebrew word korban is from the verb root meaning to approach.

This korban was brought to the altar and was to be totally consumed by fire and the smoke would ascend into the heavens. This would then provide a kafar - which is the Hebrew word for atonement - for the one who brought the sacrifice.

One of the most beautiful pieces of this scripture is that the one bringing the offering [Lev 1:4] was to lay both his hands on the head of the animal but it wasn't just a light touch, in the Hebrew it speaks of the person pressing down on the head of the animal - like a transferring of identity. So, the animal took the persons place and took on itself the identity of this person.

This korban was a complete act of love and surrender.

It creates a picture of complete worship unto our Creator. In order for us to draw near to him we first need to die to self, for nothing to be left of us and only His glory to be present in our hearts.

Then the entire animal was burned up except for the skin. The hides were kept to make parchment and these parchments were what the Torah was written on!
Romans 12 speaks of us becoming living sacrifices unto Adonai. Imagine yourself completely surrendered to your Heavenly Father walking around with the Torah written all over you!
Not in a literal sense but in a spiritual sense - us walking out the Word and the Word being made visible in a surrendered life!

There are so many places in our lives that we have held back and we are still holding back from surrendering. In this time of seeking our the leaven (sin) in our hearts in preparation for Passover, let us consider how much we are surrendered to Adonai Elohim. For,  to the degree we are surrendered is the degree to which we will draw near to Him.
It is completely in our hands.

Yeshua HaMashiach is the ultimate korban olah - He surrender His all for all of us. He took on the sin, iniquity, transgression and sickness of this world so that we may draw near to His Father.

Now more than ever as we head towards Passover and in this time of global crisis it is time... It's Time... to seek out and walk in His ways, His timing and His protocol for our lives!

Be blessed as you study.

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