The 5 Korbonot - Part 2 The Minchah Offering

The 5 Korbonot - Part 2 The Minchah Offering

The Hebrew word for grain is minchah and this word - Strongs H4503 - means a gift. This is us giving back to Father what is already His.

It's like you giving a little child some money so that they can buy you a gift and feel that they have blessed you. You receive this gift with such joy because his or her heart has been turned outwards - it has been other-centred and humble. This is how I believe Father receives our korban. It is already His but He receives it from the abundance of our hearts.

This grain offering is all about us surrendering the work and labour of our hands. Everything we earn, the success we achieve and the things that we own is through the blessing of Adonai.
Grain was a very important staple in the days of Leviticus and it still is today.
Joseph headed up the grain storage in Egypt for seven years and this prevented entire nations being wiped out by famine. So, to bring this korban held extreme value and meaning. Grain was not just food but was also everything that could be traded for it! It equalled wealth!

This korban was mixed with oil - which represents riches and the fat of the land. Olive oil is obtained through crushing. Whenever I think of oil, I think of a lamp burning with oil obtained through overcoming and obedience, it is not an easy road but it produces that which gives light!  The minchah korban was also mixed with frankincense - a sweet smelling fragrance, a bridal perfume.

This offering is all about acknowledging Adonai Elohim as Lord over all that we own (grain) and all that we are (oil) and all that we are to be (frankinsense) - The Heavenly Bride. This was by no means a cheap offering.
What we produce and possess should be for His glory and pleasure alone - a korban of treasure and precious to us. We should claim none of it as our own and gladly surrender this to Him.

The other important things to note is that this was not to have any chametz (yeast) in it. Lev 2:11This was seen as a foreign substance and we know we are to have no foreign influences in our lives that would redirect our way.

It is so apt that these korban are detailed right now before Pesach (Passover) where we are searching out the chametz/yeast in our homes.
I want to encourage you to physically be obedient to Father's word and ensure you have no yeast in your homes form the 8th until the 16th during the days of Pesach and Unleavened Bread and truly focus on what Adonai wants to show you regarding the state of your heart. He is so faithful when we walk in true obedience to Him.

Let's step away from what is foreign and not of Adonai - all the pagan celebrations and things we have grown accustomed to - and let us be a sweet fragrance unto Him.

Be blessed as you study.

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