The 5 Korbonot - Part 3 The Shelem Offering

The 5 Korbonot - Part 3 The Shelem Offering

The korban shelem - the offering to make peace

Leviticus 3:1 describes the peace offering. This offering was seen as the most joyous of all the offerings as it was about fellowship with Adonai Elohim, family and friends.

The word shelem is derived from the word shalom and it means to make peace or to put at ease. The heart of this offering was about thanksgiving and gratitude to Adonai for the abundance received from His hand.
Only a small portion of this offering was for the priests and the rest was to be joyously eaten by the person bringing the offering and his family and friends.
Only our Elohim would institute such a blessing where we bring something to Him in thanks and He wants us to enjoy it!

This offering could be what Yeshua was referring to when He shared the parable of the prodigal son - this was the fattened calf the father prepared to celebrate his joy and thanksgiving to Adonai for bringing his son back home.

The korban shelem was not a requirement by any means, it was all about drawing near to Elohim in a way to express deep thanks for His goodness and His blessings and was all about peace, comfort, relationships, safety, protection and more.

This was the offering that you would be presenting at the altar and on presenting it may realise that your brother has something against you. Scripture tells you to first to make right with your brother and then to bring the offering to the altar. It was and still is all about fellowship with our brothers and sisters and to be in right standing with them as far as possible!

All of these korbanot - the olah, the minchah and shelem are about self-examination, surrender to Elohim and dedication to His ways. Have you noticed that not one of them has been about sin yet?

When we self examine and surrender our all, our provision and now our relationships to the Father it stands to reason that we would then naturally be willing to identify sin - chametz or leaven in our hearts.

Only once we have fully surrendered to our King in all these areas - with complete dedication and faith - will we be able to cope and deal with exposing the sin on our hearts.

This is why the korbanot are ordered in this way! Without this process we will end up running away from our Creator in shame like Adam and Chava (Eve) did in the Garden.

May we run to Him with our offerings and may we rejoice this Passover - a shelem offering - where we remember and give thanks to our Adonai Elohim with great reverence and rejoicing for His deliverance and sanctification out of bondage into His eternal Kingdom of abundant life.

Be blessed as you study.

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