The 5 Korbonot - Part 4 The Chata'at Offering

The 5 Korbonot - Part 4 The Chata'at Offering

The korban Chata'at - the sin offering

"If anyone shall sin through error or unwittingly in any of these things which the Lord has commanded not to be done..."

This sin offering was for sin that we without meaning to step into. It is an unconscious act and we are made aware of this sin either through correction or the conviction of the Ruach HaKodesh then the people of Israel would have a way to make atonement through the korban chata'at.

Father knows that we will sin but if we handle our sin correctly and within His covenant terms it is not a problem for Him!  The fact that this offering is built into His Torah speaks of His incredible love and mercy for us and that He has given us the means to fix our sin and restore our relationship with Him.

The Hebrew word chata'at is Strongs 2398 and means to miss or go wrong. For me this is so amazing as the word for the 1st five books of the Bible - Torah - means to hit the mark. So, sin is us literally veering off of Father's life giving laws!

When we pull the word chata'at into its stand alone letters and we look at the root words it means sin with the mark of Adonai Elohim on it!

How incredible is our Almighty King and Redeemer that gave up His Son for our brokenness and wrechedness. It brings that song Amazing Grace to absolute relevance - by His grace are we redeemed.

If EVER there was a time to bring ourselves before the King in absolute submission it is NOW. None of us really know what is happening in this crazy world right now but we are UNITED in the knowledge that is our YHVH  that saves!

It is the name of our YHVH that's a strong tower. All we have to do is run into it. Proverbs 18:10

Let us be sure that when we do we are free of all sin(leaven) and that we are completely surrenders unto Him at this time.

I have been encouraged to make right with those who may have an issue with me and to clear out my heart of all that puffs up and fills my soul that is not of His Way and Adonai's Spirit and I encourage you to do the same.

This time of Pesach is unprecedented and may Abba Father meet with us in our teshuva.

Sin is no longer a barrier for us because of His everlasting love and kindness - Psalm 51 - we just have to be willing to bow the knee.

Be blessed as you study.

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