The 5 Korbonot - Part 5 The Asham Offering

The 5 Korbonot - Part 5 The Asham Offering

Korban asham - the guilt offering

To me this final korban/offering is just even more evidence of how merciful and king our Heavenly Father is.

This offering is not about making atonement from sin but rather it is about our issues with our own sin. It is about the guilt that we carry in our hearts and the wall it creates between us and our Adonai Elohim.

It is all about wiping away our shame and showing us that we do have access into His presence. The shame we build up is on our side because we cannot accept that we have been forgiven and made as whole again because of His grace and mercy, because of the blood used in our stead.

This korban is about us FEELING forgiven. So often we have unwittingly sinned and broken Father's commands and laws - when we do recognise the sin we repent of this but we continue to walk around in shame and heaviness. Adonai Elohim knew that this would be our reality and so He ensured that we would have a way to shed this guilt, so that He could shine His light on our lives and we could walk in the fullness of the life He has called us to live!

When Yeshua hung on the cross He said to Father just before He died, " Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." At this moment Yeshua declared himself as the chata'at and asham offering. He said to His Father that this sin committed against was not intentional and could therefore be covered by His blood!

This is the most incredible gift given to each of us. That at the moment of our weakness and wretchedness Yeshua has already covered our sin IF we repent.
And this is the key - a broken and contrite heart willing to repent before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Psalm 51

Right now as we rest in the Shabbat HaGadol - the Shabbat before Pesach - we have an opportunity to truly repent of the leaven in our hearts. Let this not just be a physical thing in your homes but a heart attitude of repentance. When you repent, know that Elohim has not only released you from sin but also any guilt you feel should be laid at His feet too that you could rise up with JOY and THANKSGIVING!

Be blessed as you study.

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