The Biblical Months of the Year Part 1 - Month 10 - Tevet

The Biblical Months of the Year Part 1 - Month 10 - Tevet

As we are purposefully walking through the appointed times and seasons of our YHVH – I would like to write down a few thoughts to consider and mediate on for each month that we walk out our salvation with fear and trembling before our Adonai Elohim.

We should understand these times and seasons very well so that as we walk into the intense times ahead of us in this word today, that we will not be deceived in any way.

As with all teaching – I encourage you to test and test again what is written here against Scripture for yourselves.

May you be blessed in this month of Tevet!


The 10th Month - the month of Tevet

Tevet - The 10th Month

The 10th month of the Biblical year is named Tevet/Tebeth – it is known as Tevet/Tebeth on both the Hillel and Biblical calendars and is referenced in Esther 2:16.

Esther 2:16 And Esther was taken to King
Ahasuerus into his royal house in the
tenth month, which is the month
Tebeth, in the seventh year of his
reign. (HRB)

This month brings to a close the celebration of Chanukah and also includes the Gregorian celebration of the new year. It is a challenging time of year for those who don’t celebrate the pagan times of Christmas and New year - which can create some tension in families and friendships.

The above challenge seems quite apt as this month commemorates much tragedy and loss. In this world we are already facing so much opposition and tribulation – some because of our own sin and shortcomings and others because of our resolve to stand for what is righteous and true.

The dates below give us insight into some of the pivotal moments that shaped the world as we know it today, both good and bad.

What happened in Tevet over history?

  • 1 Tevet (circa 479 BCE) – Esther was taken to King Achashverosh's palace, which ultimately led to her becoming queen (Esther 2:16-17); this is also the day after the Great Food when the waters began to recede and the tops of the mountains became visible (Genesis 8:5)
  • 8 Tevet – the oldest translation of the Torah – the “Septuagint” was finished
  • 9 Tevet – the death of Ezra
  • 9 Tevet – the Apostle Peter/Kefa is martyred by the Roman government
  • 10 Tevet (588 BCE) – Nebuchadnezzar II's armies besiege Jerusalem; now commemorated as a fast day. (Zecheriah 8:19)
  • 10 Tevet (479 BCE) – Esther appears before Achashverosh for the first time and is chosen by him to be the queen.
  • 11 Tevet (1668) – Jews were expelled from Vienna, Austria, during the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold the First.
  • 22 Tevet (1496) – Expulsion of Jews from Portugal, four years after the expulsion from Spain.

The siege of Nebuchadnezzar marked the beginning of the events that led to the destruction of the temple and the exile of the people of Judah and we can see that this exile is echoed over history in 1668 and 1496. This day has also become a day of mourning for those who died in the Holocaust.

The 8th of Tevet is sometimes marked as a fast day because the Greek Septuagint is seen as a work of assimilation that replaced Jewish identity and culture for Hellinism. There is a lot more that you can go an do some research on.

In summary it is a month of both tragedy and victory.

Esther’s bravery and the salvation of the Jews, the culmination of Chanukah, the death of Peter and the destruction of the temple make links through the centuries in this one month with one clear message:

The war is real for the destruction of truth and those who stand for YHVH in fullness: antisemitism; the persecution of believers all over the world; the false doctrine and teaching that is seen as truth and so much more AND despite all of this we know that Yeshua will return to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth and to forever rule and reign – the Rock of all Ages, the Light of the world and the Cornerstone -  who will rule from the House of Israel and He will make all things NEW.

May this month bring you hope and revive your faith for the glory that is to come. Be encouraged not to fear what you see happening around you in the world but look instead to the hope that is our salvation, Yeshua HaMashiach.

Isaiah 49:13 Sing, O heavens; and be joyful, O
earth; break out into singing, O
mountains. For YAHWEH has
comforted His people and will have
pity on His afflicted. (HRB)


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