Matzah Cover and Afikoman Bag Set

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  • Vibrant Matzah cover and Afikoman bag
  • With red and green pomegranate vines
  • Ho lachman anya printed around border

Add colorful elegance to your Seder this year with this satiny Matzah cover and Afikoman bag. The design features a wine goblet together with deep red pomegranate vines. In the center, are the words “Pesach, Matzah, uMarror” and around the edge is the famous Haggadah recitation, "Ho Lachmah Onyah" with white trimming and fringe.

Three tabs on the matzah cover designate the three compartments to separate the three matzahs.

Comes with protective plastic cover.

Satin like
Matzah Cover
Diameter: 19.6"/50 cm
Afikoman Bag
11.8" x 15.7"/30 cm x 40 cm