10 Days at 10 Gates

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10 Days at 10 Gates : A Guide for Prayer During the Ten Days of Awe

L. Grant Luton

The ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are known as the Ten Days of Awe. These ten days are a time for self-reflection, confession, repentance, paying of debts, and making peace with others whom we have wronged - or who may have wronged us.

Though these ten devotionals were composed for use during the Ten Days of Awe, they will provide insight and inspiration throughout the year as you embark upon a spiritual journey of the Holy City. These ten devotionals were inspired by a study of the book of Nehemiah, in which the author describes the walls of ancient Jerusalem and its ten gates, each having its own unique name, history, purpose and personality.

Nehemiah's account begins with the Sheep Gate in the northeast corner of the city, and proceeds counterclockwise around the city walls as he identifies each gate in turn. There are many hidden lessons in these ten amazing gates to Jerusalem, the City of God, and you are invited to explore them by way of a spiritual journey around the walls of the Holy City.

Each gate will provide a unique perspective into the heart of God. Each gate will provide a unique perspective into your own soul, as well. Come on a journey of discovery into eternal truths that are forever new.This economy edition contains the same material as the gift edition of "Ten Days at Ten Gates".