God Prepares a World - Volume 1

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God Prepares a World - Volume 1 by  L. Grant Luton

You are invited to start at the very beginning… but with a fresh perspective that will provide answers to many long-held questions and cause you to reexamine some presuppositions about the first chapters of the book of Genesis.

L. Grant Luton, author of In His Own Words: Messianic Insights into the Hebrew Alphabet, takes the reader on a remarkable journey of discovery and insight through the first eleven chapters of the Bible that will inform the mind and feed the soul. Weaving fresh understanding and insight from a Messianic-Jewish perspective into the ancient text, but in a way that any reader can grasp, the author kindles a sense of wonder as the story of the creation of the world unfolds.

Be prepared to be challenged, amused, informed, and inspired. There is no greater story, and Messianic Insights Into Genesis: God Prepares a World enables you, the reader, to experience the story in a uniquely profound way that will change your life.