Grief Allowed

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A practical manual about death, farewell and grief.

The departure point of this book, is the condition of those who remain behind after the death of a loved one. Because grief in modern society is largely out of fashion,new information challenges one to think about death.

The author describes words and concepts in easy-to-read language which equips people to be able to articulate and confront how they feel. A separate journal is included with this book.

Facts are sometimes written in a brief, factual and scientific manner, however they are moderated with stories and testimonies interspersed. Difficult situations are dealt with separately. The information about children with regard to their development and grief, is a valuable contribution towards helping adults from making irreversible mistakes – if it is implemented.

Feedback from readers:   

It is not a comfortable reading book, but contains excellent and honest information.

I wish I had read this book before my son died.

The drawings and artistic lines in the book are lovely.

From now on, I will think carefully about my words of sympathy.

The author also relates her own story of grief and loss with the Biblical pattern of mourning she discovered.