In His Own Words

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In His Own Words by L. Grant Luton

Why does the world need another book about the Hebrew alphabet? Jewish theologians have been exploring the hidden meanings of the Hebrew letters for centuries. However, this is the first book that has explored this subject from a Messianic perspective. This revised and expanded edition includes more insights into the secrets of the Hebrew Scriptures that are normally hidden to non-Hebrew readers. Through the pages of this book, you’ll encounter details about God’s Word that have yet to be fully translated into our English editions.

You’ll learn why some letters in the Hebrew Bible are printed over- or under-sized, and why other letters are printed upside down, broken in half, or suspended in mid-air. You’ll discover why nearly every column of a Torah scroll begins with a letter that symbolizes a hook, and why some passages of scripture are printed to depict a brick wall.

In His Own Words demonstrates how the message of the gospel is graphically illustrated by the names, shapes, and order of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. You are sure to be inspired and encouraged by the amazing truths that God has hidden in these ancient symbols.