Medium Kudu Shofar Polished

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This Medium Kudu Shofar Polished is an authentic shofar crafted from a Kudu horn, perfect for traditional celebrations. Its unique size and shape are certain to bring an air of authenticity to your gathering. It boasts excellent acoustics and a polished surface, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

Kudu Shofars sound like brilliant proclamations sent into Heaven. They can sound 4 to 7 notes.

The natural colours are strikingly beautiful: pomegranate, cream, rose, olive, eucalyptus, gold and ebony and sometimes a mixture of a few colours.

Every shofar is different and unique to the product may differ from the image depicted.

Please note: Please expect a possible wait of 3 - 4 days should your shofar size not be in stock.