Mezuzah Scroll Ashkenaz Version Made in Israel 100% Kosher with Certificate

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This basic Kosher Mezuzah parchment meets all halachic requirements. It is written in the traditional Ashkenaz style of script and comes in four different sizes. It is important to choose a size that will fit comfortably into your Mezuzah case.

All aJudaica mezuzot are written on Shelil parchment – superior quality calf hide. The scribes are experienced, fully familiar with the many intricate laws.

On completion, each parchment undergoes a double examination – first by a proofreader who checks that the letters are properly spaced and correctly written and then by a computer scan to ensure there are no additional or missing letters. A Kashrut certificate grants a ten year warranty for the parchment.

With each purchase comes a note with the blessing and basic instructions for attaching the Mezuzah to the doorpost.

All aJudaica mezuzah parchments are 100% kosher. The terms: basic, upgraded and mehudar refer to graded levels of excellence. Basic parchments meet minimal requirements. Upgraded is a more advanced level and Mehudar denotes the highest level of craftsmanship - script that is especially pleasing to the eye as befits such a holy item.