Pewter Kiddush Cup

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Pewter Kiddush Cup on Stem with Matching Plate - Jerusalem Design

This Kiddush cup and matching plate is a great item that will be enjoyed by all ages. Made of pewter it has an old-world attractive look that is appropriate for such a traditional item. The cup and plate feature delicate designs of the City of Jerusalem – the high brick walls, the Citadel of David. Even the turrets are depicted. The overall impression is beauty and strength. This is a recommended gift item.

“Kiddush” means holy. The recitation of Kiddush at the Shabbat or Festival meal, re-affirms the holiness of the day. The overflowing wine in the Kiddush cup is a reminder how we elevates the physical to the spiritual.

Shabbat is not another day but a unique challenge to spend time with the family, participating in prayers, discussions and song, strengthening our relationship with the family and with HaShem.

Pewter needs no special care. Rinse, wipe clean and it will retain its unique beauty and charm.


Size: Height 5.8"/15 cm