A Rabbi's Journey to Heaven - Book & CD Set

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This set includes:

  • A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven
  • 2-CD/audio series, Heaven and Beyond

Felix Halpern had to die to learn how to be alive.

Rabbi Felix Halpern suddenly died but it was only a new beginning for how Felix relates to God in his daily life now.

In his new book, A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven, and 2-CD/audio series, Heaven and Beyond, Felix gladly shares on the splendors of Heaven, but you quickly realize he is focused on something greater—the overwhelming Glory of God available to you NOW.

What Felix discovered on his journey was a new kind of discernment—the difference between his spirit and his soul. And out of the things Heaven imprinted on Felix’s soul, he now shares:

• How to get free from the “Spirit of Need”
• How worship nourishes your soul (there are no substitutes)
• How personal transformation also brings discernment (beyond what the eyes can see)

Through his heavenly encounter, Felix learned to pray differently—what he calls transformational prayer, which puts our “needs” second. Felix says God knows the difference and He wants you transformed!

Felix calls transformational prayer the “Holy Grail of Living” but it shouldn’t take your whole life to learn how! He includes his devotional, Heaven’s Soul Cleanse (digital download), to help you make this change in your life!

What began in the twinkling of an eye has become your opportunity to be fully alive.