The Biblical New Moon: A guide for celebrating

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The Biblical New Moon: A guide for celebrating by Kisha Gallagher

The moon's constant phases remind us that even in our failings, when our light decreases, there is always hope for renewal. The moon also teaches about the reality of (spiritual) darkness and the need for the (spiritual) light of Messiah.

Perhaps this is one reason that Yeshua revealed to Nicodemus the need to be born again at nighttime. The moon would have been visible in the evening sky as the two spoke about heavenly things. While it's possible that Nicodemus may have wanted to question the Master under the cover of darkness, Yeshua allowed their physical surroundings to teach spiritual truth: "You must be born again."

This book gives the basics of the new moon as mentioned in Scripture, suggests spiritual applications, and gives a concise reference guide for each month's themes and relationship to a specific tribe of Israel.

About the author:

Kisha Gallagher is the author of the BEKY Book: The Biblical New Moon: A Guide for Celebrating, and the website, Grace in Torah, a ministry devoted to the Gospel of Yeshua, the moedim (feasts), marital roles, and general Bible study. Many lives are touched through her website, conference engagements, and weekly small groups. Kisha is a Creation Gospel trainer and a former co-host on Hebrew Nation Radio’s Morning Show, Renewed. She is a new programmer on ReviveTV (Hebraic Roots Network). Kisha resides near the Smoky Mountains with her husband and sons. She can be contacted at