The Mystery of the Counting of the Omer by Elizabeth Robertson Campbell_Updated

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Who of us out there have ever been for a few weeks to a health hydro or rehabilitation centre to detox or re-align your life for some reason or other?  

Well, you will be astounded to hear that our amazing God has seen fit to also set time aside for us in this department.   Yes, its called Counting the Omer which is like a 7 week rehabilitation program to detox our body, soul, mind and spirit from the past year.

It’s one of the most over looked ordinances but has the most profound impact on ones life when applied and taken seriously. 

This time is marked on our IT’S TIME CALENDAR and straight after Passover, we enter into this 7 weeks of rehabilitation until Pentecost, Feast of Weeks or SHAVUOT in Hebrew.

This is a precious and most vital time where we get empty our souls of all the vestiges of Egypt that are still lingering in us. We ready our hearts to celebrate and re-evaluate the wonderful gift of the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) that we have received and need to so deeply to navigate living in this world.  

We like to call COUNTING THE OMER, "God’s 7 Week Rehabilitation Programme for sinners saved by grace!”  

Download this Free Resource and be greatly blessed.